Wednesday, July 27, 2011

LibGuides are Here!

Yes, I know, another new resource at the SERC Library ---- well, of course!  We are proud to announce that the SERC Library has rolled out - well more like posted out - our new program called LibGuides!   Great ---- what's a LibGuide, okay, here goes an explanation ----

A LibGuide is a Web 2.0 content management and information sharing system used by more than 400 institutions worldwide, especially libraries and universities.  Get it now --- no --- okay, let me try again --- think of a LibGuide as a "mini Web site" created on different topics or subjects.  We pull information from the SERC Library and the Internet and put it all in one place!  Resources at the Library, Web sites on the topic or subject, RSS feeds, video links, graphics, images ---- get the idea now!   Pretty handy right --- RIGHT!

Check out the LibGuides by following this link  Check back frequently as we will be adding guides throughout the year and certainly on "hot topics" in education.  It is kind of like one-stop-shopping!

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