Monday, September 12, 2011


Okay, I know that those who know me have heard me say at least a hundred times, I will not "do" Twitter!  But ----- that does not mean that I will not let everyone else know about a FREE tool for those who do Twitter!!!  It really is all about the FREE!  Now, on to the tool ----

TwHistory is a new FREE tool (okay, actually it really started around 2009 ---- I just saw it mentioned in ASCD Smartbrief in August) that encourages students and teachers to use Twitter as a part of their study of history.  Students and teachers can sign up for free and created their own historical "reenactments".  Choose an historical event, create Twitter accounts for the characters, research primary source documents and think about the times, dates and durations of events to create hundreds of Tweets as they might have been sent out had Twitter existed before the 21st century!  Projects are submitted to the engineers at TwHistory, projects specify a start date for their event, and then it unfolds, over a day, week, month or more.

Check out Get Answers:  Frequently Asked Questions at for more information!  What a way to make history sooooo "21st century" and it is FREE!

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