Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Robot helps students stay engaged and retain information!

Wow --- the Lost in Space Robot ---- you know the Robot always sent with young Will to keep him out of trouble---okay and always went with Dr. Smith and never kept him out of trouble ---- child - adult you get the message!  And then there were the two from Star Wars - yes, I know droids and not the phones ---- had my own encounter with R2D2 (but that is another story altogether!).

Okay enough about the Lost in Space robot and droids, now about this current robot, researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a robot teacher that can detect when students are apparently losing focus and emit cues such as a raised voice or arm movements (oh --- so like the Robot --- warning Will Robinson he would say as he swings around his arms) to keep the students alert during lessons.  Researchers found, after an experiment, that students given such cues by the robot were better able to retain what they were taught!  Check out the article at New Scientist, and for all the teachers, don't worry they really are just trying to minic what human teachers do to keep students' attention from slipping! 

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