Monday, August 20, 2012

Exercise balls for chairs!

Angelika Thompson and her fourth grade students at Fishers Elementary School.
Okay, I think I am all for this ---- or really ---- why did I not have this option as a kid!!!!!  A fourth-grade teacher in Indiana has replaced chairs in the classroom with exercise balls.  According to the article in the Indianapolis Star, "A study at the Mayo Clinic supports chairless classrooms, saying that exercise balls improve students' posture and muscle strength.  Students also can burn off excess energy.  An their concentration may improve!"  In addition the teacher, Angelika Thompson sometimes gives the kids a minute every now and then during the school day to bounce --------- Tigger would love this class, only he just needs his tail!  Keep in mind that the exercise balls are a privilege, students who make poor choices or don't behave in class, they must sit in a chair the rest of the day and there is proper technique for sitting on the balls, Oh bother!  Check out the article at|newswell|img||p

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