Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jam World and Let's Move in School are trying to set a world record!

Okay - you have part of your assignment ---- that's right - Jam World 2012 and the Let's Move in School is trying to set a world record.  The event is take place on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th  at 10 am local time ---- this THURSDAY!!!!  The objective of the event is to get as many people as possible to participate in the country's first national movement led by children to get everyone moving!!!  People of all ages and abilities are invited to pause and join in,  wherever you are at 10 am your local time, to do fun, easy one-minute fitness routine and participate in creating a world record.  This inaugural national initiative has been created to raise awareness about the importance of everyone making good health choices and physical activity a daily habit.  In the spirit of having fun ---- yes, I said fun ---- there is a state competition (come on --- admit it, we all like a little competition!) and the state that recruits the most people to participate will be awarded the National JAM Title!!!!!  To be counted in your state's totals and learn the easy routine, go to Jam World Record.  Follow the buzz on Twitter by using the hash tag:  #jam4pe.  Connecticut needs help ------ right now we are ranked at 18th we are not going to win unless we get more people!!!!!

I have signed up the SERC Library ---- any school, individual, or organization can sign up ---- so hurry up and sign up! The exercise routine is a piece a cake ----- hmmmmm ---- maybe not the right choice of words to use, okay easy to do!!!!!  SIGN UP!

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