Monday, April 29, 2013

Celebrate Arbor Day in Connecticut - April 30th!

In 1970, President Richard Nixon proclaimed the last Friday in April as National Arbor Day!  In 2004 Oak became America's National Tree! 

Arbor Day is celebrated throughout the U.S. on different days depending on the State.  This year Connecticut celebrates Arbor Day on April 30th --- The White Oak or Quercus alba is Connecticut's State Tree!

Planting trees native to our region is a good idea ---- they will be able to stand up to our "wacky" weather - you know ---- hurricanes in September followed by recorded snow storms in October!

Go out and plant a TREE

For more information, visit Arbor Day Foundation for a tree guide, neat tree wizard that will help you pick the right tree by answering some simple questions, tree benefits calculator, right tree/right place guide, free landscape design ideas, hardiness zones (Connecticut is a Zone 6), and trees for wildlife.

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