Wednesday, August 7, 2013

JAM World Record 2013

Are you ready to JAM?  The SERC Library participated last year and had great time doing so!  SO we CHALLENGE YOU to sign up and JAM with us!  Let's get this WORLD RECORD!

Check out the JAM World Record 2013 site!


September 26

10:00 A.M.

your local time

wherever you are

A Campaign to Motivate EVERYONE to be Active Every Day
2nd Annual - Record to break: 1,302,187
We are gearing up for JAM World Record 2013 and are excited to have the Alliance for a Healthier Generation* teaming up with us. 
  • Sign Up Now.  Registration is open.  Sign up your group.
  • Mark Your Calendars. Save the date and start planning how you can make your participation memorable for the people who you influence.
  • Keep Checking the Site.  You will find flyers (both English and Spanish) you can use to promote, a media piece you can use to attract local coverage like so many did last year, and a new video with athletes and celebrities.
  • Win Cash.  Lead Your State and Our Nation.  We need state leaders to rally their states.  The top three states earn cash and the winning state can host a recognition ceremony.  Reply to this email or Click Here.        
  • Spread the JAM.  Pass this email to everyone you know.  
Thank you for leadership in a campaign that brings people from everywhere together to create social change! 

Patti Howell 
JAM School Program  
* About the Alliance for a Healthier Generation 
The Alliance for a Healthier Generation works to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity and to empower kids to develop lifelong, healthy habits. The Alliance works with more than 17,000 schools to increase access to healthier foods and physical activity for students and staff. Learn more: Click Here


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