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Thursday, 05/01/2014
Kirk Behnke, M.Ed., ATP
Assistive Technology Implementation: The Basics
This workshop will address the basics of an Assistive Technology Implementation plan, including purpose, results, planning for implementation, and evaluating the effectiveness of the AT and the IEP.

• Time: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM CDT
• Presenter: Kirk Behnke, M.Ed., ATP
• Level: Beginner


What Should School Systems Expect During the Transition to the Common Core and Consortia Assessments?
The Common Core State Standards have shifted the focus in education away from basic proficiency toward preparing students to be college and career ready. Many districts are in the early stages of transitioning to assessments designed to measure student performance relative to these standards, and from this process, important trends have started to emerge, including:
  • Cut scores are significantly higher on new common-core assessments than cut scores on previous proficiency assessments, which has resulted in notable declines in proficiency rates.
  • The move to these new assessments has created a break in longitudinal data for many school systems, which makes it difficult to evaluate trends in student achievement.
  • Districts may need to identify alternative data sources to help teachers better recognize their students' strengths and weaknesses.
In this webinar, John Cronin will share early results from these new assessments and discuss issues that educators should consider throughout this transition process.
John Cronin,senior director, Kingsbury Center at Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA)
Rebecca Moore,research development manager, Kingsbury Center at NWEA
This webinar will be moderated by Nate Jensen, research scientist, Kingsbury Center at NWEA
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The Most Challenging Instructional Shifts in the CCSS for English/Language Arts
The Common Core State Standards emphasize several challenging shifts that require students to think differently, teachers to change instructional strategies, and administrators to reconsider the support needed in order to enable success. In this webinar, we will discuss four of the most challenging shifts, including:
  • Emphasis on Academic Vocabulary
  • Complex Text
  • Close Reading
  • Greater Emphasis on Informational Text
Participants will learn what these shifts really mean; how the various ELA standards connect to support them; and practical applications for addressing the shifts in the classroom.
Maureen McLaughlin, Ed.D., professor and chair of the Reading Department, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania and president, the International Reading Association (IRA)
Brenda J. Overturf, Ed.D., chair of the IRA Common Core Standards Committee (2012-2015) and a national literacy consultant
This webinar will be moderated by Adam Berkin, vice president, product development, Curriculum Associates
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