Thursday, September 4, 2014

High Tech Science - check out article on Mashable!

I cannot resist passing along this article by Kyli Singh from Mashable

Check out the article and the apps, technology, and sites described within it:
 - life-size plastic replica of a skeleton in class vs. and interactive skeleton app - FREE - Essential Skeleton 4,
- science fair  presentation boards vs. online self-publishing tools - You Tube and blogging platforms like Glogster are web tools that help students create interactive projects,
- the periodic table of elements poster vs. interactive tables full of information -,
- real frog dissection vs. virtual frog dissection,  Froguts - this is a subscription site,
- microscopes vs. smartphone microscopes -  Skylight - for $75 this plastic smartphone to microscope, telescope, binoculars, spotting scope adapter allows students to magnify,
- paper and pencil quizzes vs. clicker quizzes - interactive tech instruments like clickers are used in science lectures and other classes for quizzing and polling,
- hands-on chemistry experiments vs. virtual chemistry experiments - no more blowing up the chemistry lab - check out the website Late Nite Labs - for higher ed although this site can be use in some AP level high school curriculums - subscription based.

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