Friday, October 3, 2014

Just a few more webinars...

From EdWeek:


Positioning Counselors to Be Game Changers in College Access
High school counselors play a big role in setting students’ sights on higher educational attainment, particularly for low-income students and students of color. Yet research has shown that counselors have been a mostly untapped, and insufficiently trained, resource in such efforts.
As states implement college- and career-ready standards and try to prepare more students for postsecondary education, some are looking to better position guidance-counseling programs to do much of the additional outreach. State-level training initiatives and university graduate programs are focusing attention on college advising in an effort to better equip these educators to help disadvantaged students pursue postsecondary options.
Underwriting for the content for this webinar has been provided by the Lumina Foundation.
Trish Hatch, associate professor & director, School Counseling Program, San Diego State University
Brandy Johnson, executive director, Michigan College Access Network
This webinar will be moderated by Caralee Adams, contributing editor, Education Week
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Maximizing the Impact of Your Digital Device Investments
School districts are investing heavily in laptops, tablets, and netbooks as they put in place online testing programs for the Common Core State Standards. But schools may not be making the best use of these devices for day-to-day learning-what many educators believe is the key benefit of these technology investments. Our experts discuss how the devices can be used to support learning in classrooms all year long.

Eric S. Hileman, executive director of information technology, Oklahoma City Schools, Okla.
Valerie Truesdale, chief of technology, personalization and engagement, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, N.C.
This webinar will be moderated by Michelle R. Davis, senior writer, Education Week Digital Directions
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From School Improvement Network:

Free Webinar: Learn to Develop Rich Assessment Tasks with Jay McTighe

In this webinar, we’ll explore a set of practical and proven design tools for developing quality performance tasks based on Jay McTighe’s new LumiBook, Core Learning: Assessing What Matters Most. Such tasks provide more than simply another method for measuring learning—they embody the most important goals of the Standards, while engaging students in meaningful learning.

The Common Core and Next Generation Standards call for students to apply their learning in authentic ways—e.g., to “closely” read complex texts, develop and critique arguments, solve “messy” problems requiring sound reasoning and perseverance, and engage in scientific inquiry.

These goals demand concomitant assessments that call for more than making a selection from given answers in a selected-response format. Richer, more authentic tasks are needed.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014 - 12 PM (PDT) | 1 PM (MDT) | 2 PM (CDT) | 3 PM (EDT) 


Join us on Wednesday, Oct. 8 at 4 p.m. Eastern for Then and Now: Developing Programs of Family and Community Involvement for Student Success with Joyce L. Epstein, Ph.D., director of the Center on School, Family, and Community Partnerships at Johns Hopkins University. Learn more and pre-register. Visit the Parent Involvement & Community Engagement in K-12 community at

Join us on Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 5 p.m. Eastern for Creative Ways to Create Your Own OER with Tyler Dewitt, research scientist, high school teacher, and digital content creator. Learn more and pre-register. Visit the Open Educational Resources (OER) in the K-12 Classroom community at

From Brookes Publishing and The Inclusive Class:

The Role of the Paraprofessional in the Inclusive Class
Free Webinar! The role of a paraprofessional in an inclusive classroom can be challenging. Inclusion expert Julie Causton knows what it takes to succeed—and in this webinar, she'll give you tips and tools to manage the complex expectations of this job. Oct. 9th @ 3:00pm EST. Register TODAY!



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