Monday, April 6, 2015

ABC-CLIO's database offers 1 million free resources and images in April

Check out this article on ABC-CLIO's database from eClassroom News.

To check out the complimentary access to the database, click here.


History and Mission

ABC-CLIO established itself as a pioneer in the application of computer technology to text processing, indexing, and database development in 1976 when the company enabled its customers to search its one-of-a-kind humanities database online. Continuing to pave the way in the development of educational technology, in the early 1990s, ABC-CLIO began publishing its serial bibliographies in CD-ROM format. And, in 2000, an unprecedented level of innovation was reached with the launch of a new series of social studies and humanities websites designed to provide authoritative reference while integrating teacher curricula: the ABC-CLIO Solutions. 
Today, the ABC-CLIO Solutions team continues to provide robust digital resources that support librarians, patrons, educators, and students in the development and communication of informed positions on complex topics. Integrating secondary school and college curricula with subject-specific reference collections and expert perspectives, ABC-CLIO Solutions proudly foster 21st-century skills, independent critical thinking, and the exploration and understanding of key historical issues.

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