Thursday, December 10, 2015

A few free webinars

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Amherst Central School District Saves Money and Improves Collaboration With Google for Education
In this webinar, you'll hear from Amherst Central School District about how they leveraged Google Apps and Chromebooks to save money, increase productivity and collaboration, and extend learning beyond school hours.
Get a peek at Amherst's decision making process, learn about the obstacles and challenges they overcame, and hear about the success they experienced with their implementation of Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks.
Participants will:
  • Get an overview of the Google for Education solution which includes Chromebooks, tablets with Google Play for Education, and Google Apps for Education
  • Learn how this solution can be used to improve student learning, collaboration, and engagement
  • Hear first-hand experience from a district using Chromebooks in the classroom to support their curriculum focus
  • Be able to pose their questions to Amherst Central School District and Google
Donna Frymire, district technology integration specialist, Amherst Central School District, Amherst, N.Y.
Anthony Panella, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, Amherst Central School District, Amherst, N.Y.
This webinar will be moderated by Stephen Fang, regional manager, Google for Education
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Students in Charge: Self-Assessment and Learning to Learn
Schools are awash in learning goals, data, and information about how students are doing. But often, the students themselves are left in the dark about what they're learning and why, where they stand, and what they've got to do to get to the next step. Increasingly, teachers and schools are trying to help students own their own learning process by giving them time and tools to self-assess.
Join us as we define student self-assessment and explore its tie to cognitive science and the growth mindset, explore strategies for helping students self-assess, and lay out challenges and misconceptions about student self-assessment.
Underwriting for this webinar has been provided by the Raikes Foundation
Heidi Andrade, associate professor, School of Education, University at Albany, State University of New York
Angela Fremont-Appel, art teacher, New York City Public Schools
This webinar will be moderated by Jaclyn Zubrzycki, contributing writer, Education Week
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Districts' Push for "Interoperability": Managing the Sea of Ed-Tech Content
K-12 districts have struggled for years to manage the flood of data and content provided by different ed-tech vendors providing curriculum and instructional tools in their districts. Too often, administrators, teachers, and students are stuck trying to navigate a sea of different sign-ons and systems for all the various educational software and systems in use across their schools.
But now, a growing number of districts are trying to clear through that muddle by requiring "interoperability" of ed-tech vendors—basically, asking them to ensure that their systems mesh with one another. The goal is to create a level of compatibility that allows K-12 users to access the content they want, without having to wade through different commercial providers' websites or proprietary systems.
In this webinar, a pair of guests who are deeply familiar with the work of K-12 distrircts, and with interoperability, describe the benefits and challenges for K-12 officials in implementing the policy.
Kecia Ray, executive director, Center for Digital Education, former executive director of learning technology, Metro Nashville school district
Serena Sacks, chief information officer, Fulton County, Ga., school district
This webinar will be moderated by Sean Cavanagh, associate editor, Education Week
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