Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Education Week Reports: Walking in a Student's Shoes
PBS NewsHour

Airing Tonight on PBS NewsHour: Walking in a Student's 
Shoes (An Education Week Report)
If you're like most principals, about 70 percent of your time is spent on the 3 B's-buses, budgets, and behavior. What if, instead, you spent a day walking in your students' shoes? How might that experience change the way you look at school?

This spring, more than 1,400 school leaders from all 50 states and over 26 countries set out to answer that question in the first Shadow a Student Challenge. The idea comes from a partnership between the Institute of Design at Stanford University and IDEO, a leading design firm that also works with schools.

Among those who accepted the challenge was Assistant Principal Karen Ritter of East Leyden High, outside Chicago. Watch her put aside her walkie-talkie and follow one 9th grader through all of his classes-not to mention gym, the lunch line, and a full slate of homework.

What did she learn? John Tulenko of Education Week has that story tonight on the PBSNewsHour.

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