Friday, April 29, 2011

Arbor Day

Do you know Connecticut's connection to Arbor Day?

Arbor day is a holiday where individuals and groups are encouraged to plant and care for trees. It originated in Nebraska City, Nebraska during 1872 by J. Sterling Morton. On the first Arbor Day which was held on April 10, 1872, an estimated 1 million trees were planted.

Okay, here come the Connecticut connection ---- Birdsey Northrop of Connecticut was responsible for globalizing Arbor Day in 1883 he promoted his Arbor Day and Village Improvement message to other states and even foreign countries. The American Forestry Association made Northrup the Chairman of the committee to campaign for Arbor Day nationwide in 1883.

To check out more information on Arbor Day visit the Arbor Day Foundation at and to learn more about Birdsey Northrop go to http://www.ctgov/dep/lib/dep/forestry/urban_forestry/arborday.pdf. Oh and ----- GO PLANT A TREE!!!!!!

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