Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Monthly Celebrations Get Organized, Order Gardening, Polka and Soup of course!!

Well --- I was pondering this morning on what to blog ---- I decided to check out what the January Monthly celebrations were ------ so here goes:

While it is National Get Organized Month ---- I am going to get organized to celebrate National Mail Order Gardening Month by of course ordering some garden supplies after I have organized my garden supply catalogs --- while listening to some polka music since it is also National Polka Music Month ---- while eating some soup while I am perusing and organizing my gardening supply catalogs listening to the polka music since it is also National Soup Month!!!!

And if you think I might be joking, check out these links (by the way next weekend in Chicago they are going to “rock” the polka!):

National Association of Professional Organizers
Direct Gardening Association - DGA (formerly Mailorder Gardening Association (MGA)

International Polka Association - IPA 

IPA celebrates January being "National Polka Month" - Festival of Bands - Chicago

National Soup Month

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