Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NAEYC and NCLD Support in Difficult Times

There have been so many organizations that have put together resources on support and coping with violence that it is overwhelming to list them all at once, so we have decided to periodically blog additional resources, and yes, we do realize that some of the links listed will be repeats to ones that have already gone out.

Check out this link which will lead you to NAEYC's website page - Coping with Violence and their resource links

From the National Center for Learning Disabilities:

In the coming weeks, parents and educators will need to be particularly vigilant in helping all students, and especially those in the early grades, to feel safe in school and to deal with feelings of worry about their own well-being as well as that of their peers and trusted adults. Below are links to a few helpful resources:

The NCLD Team

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