Thursday, September 19, 2013

Full Harvest Moon Tonight!!!!

Okay, tonight's full moon carries the title of "Harvest Moon" for those of us in the Northern
Thu., Sept. 19, 7:13 a.m. EDT. The Full Moon of Sept. is the Full Moon closest to the equinox on Sept. 22, so is called the Harvest Moon. It rises around sunset and sets around sunrise, the only night in the month when the moon is in the sky all night long. The rest of the month, the moon spends at least some time in the daytime sky. Credit: Starry Night Software
Hemisphere.  The full moon tonight is the nearest to the September equinox which makes it the Harvest Moon by the usual definition and while the Harvest Moon is associated with autumn, this moon is also the last full moon of summer!  In fact, it is the fourth full moon of summer ---- a little bit of an oddity as there are usually only three full moons per season.  For more information, check out the articles/sites below:

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