Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Not ONE but TWO new Common Core LibGuides!

We have recently published two new LibGuides on the Common Core State Standards!

We published the Common Core State Standards - July to December 2013 LibGuide last week.  Make sure you check out all the articles for the blogs and newspaper/newsletters as there are some lesson plans and information in them.  In addition we added the Special Education Information page and the Parent Information page.

We just published today, Common Core State Standards 2014 - we are building this LibGuide as the year progresses!  So make sure you bookmark it and check back frequently for the newest information on Common Core State Standards.  Again we have added additional pages in the hopes of sorting the wealth of information in the LibGuide.  New pages are:  Connecticut Information, Science, Math, English Language Arts, and Social Studies.  Within these pages are additional drop down pages and we have added additional drop down pages for Assessment and Testing Information page and Newspaper/Newsletter page.  We will continue to add monthly bibliographies of articles available through the SERC Library databases.

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