Thursday, December 4, 2014

Two webinars for next week


The Rise of Kindergarten-Readiness Testing
All 3,500 kindergarten teachers in Maryland are using a new readiness assessment this year that rests on teachers' observations of children's work and play to build a detailed picture of what they need as they begin the school year. Maryland's work reflects a national surge of activity in kindergarten-readiness testing. In this webinar, you'll hear early-childhood experts discuss the promise—and the risks—of kindergarten testing.
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Stephanie Feeney, professor emerita of education, University of Hawaii, Manoa, and adjunct professor, Graduate School of Education, Portland State University
Judith Walker, chief of the Early Learning Branch, Division of Early-Childhood Development, Maryland Department of Education
This webinar will be moderated by Catherine Gewertz, associate editor, Education Week
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Personalized Learning: Turning Lofty Aspirations Into Specific District Policy
"Personalized learning" seems to be everywhere these days—in the instructional goals set by school districts, in state and federal policy, and in the promises made by educational technology companies trying to do business with schools. In recent years, school officials have sought clarity on what real personalized learning looks like—in the hope that the guidance will provide more specific and useful information to the K-12 community.

This webinar will examine what a growing number of school and technology advocates have identified as the core elements of personalized learning. They see the foundation of personalized learning encompassing not only instruction tailored to individual students' needs, but also a rethinking of the overall learning environment in schools. Our guests will examine the core elements of personalized learning, and present examples of what it looks like in a district trying to better meet students' academic needs.
Andrew Calkins, deputy director, Next Generation Learning Challenges
Theresa Ewald, assistant superintendent of teaching and learning, Kettle Moraine School District, Wis.
This webinar will be moderated by Sean Cavanagh, associate editor, Education Week
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