Monday, September 28, 2015

Exploring the Impact of Digital Ink in the Classroom
IDC recently conducted a K-12 teacher survey on their use of 
technology in the classroom, and specifically their use of a 
stylus-based device as a teaching tool. Of the teachers using a
digital inking device, 90 percent reported improved quality of 
curriculum materials, and 67 percent said it increased class 
preparation time.

With an ever-increasing range of classroom device options, 
school leaders should consider devices that will most directly 
support authentic and efficient student-teacher engagement 
and reduce time spent on nonteaching-related activities. In this 
webinar, you'll learn about teacher-reported benefits on using ink 
in the classroom and how ienables instant student feedback at 
the "teachable moment." Hear how using a device with an active 
stylus provides the personalization and flexibility of a pen and paper, 
and the immediacy of instant messaging to open and maintain
personal connections at the precise moment students
would be receptive to feedback, thus enabling better learning.
Robert J. Baker, IT director and math teacher, Cincinnati Country Day School, Ohio
Andrew Fitzgerald, music teacher, Long Beach Unified School District, Calif.
Jason Mocherman, astronomy teacher, Riverview High School, Fla.
Joshua Seamon, math teacher, Williston-Northampton School, Mass.
Andrew Shelffo, IT director, Williston-Northampton School, Mass.
This webinar will be moderated by Tom Mainelli, program vice president, devices & displays, IDC
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How to Deploy a 1:1 iPad Program in Education
So your school is about to launch an iPad program, and you're not
sure where to start?  The Apple Management Experts at JAMF
software can help ensure your iPad program is a success.  By knowing
the right steps and using the right tools, you an easily deploy iPad devices 
in your school.  In this webinar, you'll learn best practices and lessons
learned from iPad 1:1 pioneer, Fraser Speirs, as we discuss the necessary
steps for getting a 1:1 iPad program up an running using the Casper Suite 
and Apple's user-friendly deployment programs.

Dave Saltmarsh, education evangelist, JAMF Software
Fraser Speirs, head of computing and IT, Cedars School of Excellence
This webinar will be moderated by Sean Herdman, associate publisher, Editorial Projects in Education
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Webinar: Innovation, Individualization, and Inspiration:
Using High-Quality Early Childhood Programs as a Model for Education in Early Elementary and Beyond

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Thursday, October 1, 2015 | 1:00 p.m. EDT

For nearly 30 years, Teaching Strategies has helped early childhood programs to improve outcomes through developmentally appropriate practice. This series of two webinars from Teaching Strategies will share lessons learned from decades of innovation in high-quality early childhood programs, and highlight the ways that applying these strategies can build program quality and support success for all children from birth through third grade.
Kai-leé Berke, Teaching Strategies’ Chief Academic Officer, will define developmentally appropriate practice; offer support for building strong teacher-child relationships through responsive caregiving and teaching; showcase the powerful impact of project-based, hands-on investigations that encourage children’s creativity and critical thinking skills; and provide strategies for building a high-quality learning environment that will help lay the foundation for children’s future success in school and in life.
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Wednesday, 09/30/15
Transition Techniques for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Transform Meltdown to Calm-down
by Padmaja Sarathy, MA, Author & Educational Consultant
Wednesday, 10/07/15
Literacy Journey: Invigorate Instruction to Engage Learners with Severe and Multiple Disabilities
by Padmaja Sarathy, MA, Author & Educational Consultant
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