Thursday, October 1, 2015

Teachers and Librarians ---- Do you know about a couple of 'special gems' around the state like the SERC Library - but not like the SERC Library!

Connecticut State Library, Division of Library Development
If you do not already know or are hearing about for the first time --- there are two 'special gems' like the SERC Library available to borrow resources from if you are a teacher or librarian in the State of Connecticut ----

The Library Service Centers located in Willimantic and Middletown!

Check out their web site and specifically - Service Center and Collections:  About the Service Centers

In addition, check out their social media sites for information:

The State Library's new website is:

The Division of Library Development's website is:

More resources to explore in addition to all the resources at the SERC Library -  The SERC Library loves to share additional resources available for teachers and librarians to help educate the children in the State of Connecticut ---- what are you waiting for ---- CHECK OUT THE LINKS ABOVE!

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