Friday, January 29, 2016

February is a busy Month!

Black History Month (February) is almost here. Make sure you have the materials to help you teach this important topic, from historical figures and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, to slavery and the Civil War, to racism, discrimination, and the Black Lives Matter movement in America today. 

Celebrate George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and all the rest of our presidents this Presidents'Day (February 15).

Are you wishing for spring or more winter this February 2?
Groundhog Day Videos & Activities(K-8)
Hand Shadows & Groundhog Day (1-5)
Historyof Groundhog Day (3-5)
InvestigateActivity: Observing Shadows Caused by Sunlight (3)
More Groundhog Day Resources

Celebrate the year of the Monkey starting February 8!
Chinese New Year Videos & Activities(K-12)
Chinese New Year Dragon Puppet (K-2)
Chinese New Year Printable Book (K-5)
SunNin, the Chinese New Year (3-8)
More Chinese New Year Activities

"Fat Tuesday" is February 9!
MardiGras or Carnival (3-5)
MaskTemplate (Pre-K–5)
MiniatureMardi Gras Float (Pre-K–6)
ATour of New Orleans (K-12)
Papier-MâchéHex/Voodoo Head (Pre-K–6)

Encourage students to show their affection for others this February 14.
Top15 Valentine's Day Printables(K-8)
Valentine's Day Word Games (3-5)
Valentine's Day Printable Book (K-2)
Valentine'sDay Printable Book (3-5)
Valentine's Day Activities (1-5)
Valentine's Day Math Word Problems (3-5)
More Valentine's Day Resources

Grades K-2
Learn about African-American history.
Top 10 Black History Month Worksheets
Black History Month Classroom Kit
Black History Printable Book
How the President Gets Elected
Top 10 Presidents' Day Worksheets
My Book About George Washington
More K-2 Resources

Grades 3-5
Discover interesting facts about our past presidents.
Top 15 Black History Month Resources
Black History Month Activities
I Have Heard of a Land Teacher's Guide
Presidential Factfile
Presidents' Day Printable Book
My Book About Abraham Lincoln
More 3-5 Resources

Grades 6-8
Teach students about the contributions of Lincoln, Washington, and others.
Black History Month Quiz
Black History Month Activities & Biographies
Top 10 Black History Month Worksheets
Top 10 Presidents' Day Worksheets
George Washington: Videos & Activities
Celebrating Presidents' Day
More 6-8 Resources

Grades 9-12
Delve deeper into the topic of racism in American culture with your older students.
Top Trip Ideas for Black History Month
Civil Rights Timeline
Black History Printable Book
Abraham Lincoln: Videos & Activities
Forge Discussion Guide
Lincoln's Last Days Teacher's Guide
More 9-12 Resources

Teaching Tools
Teaching Tools
Graphic Organizers
Display tricky topics in a new way!
Main Idea and Supporting Details Web (K-5)
Homework Checklist (1-8)
Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How (K-12)
The Herringbone: Main Idea and Supporting Details (2-8)
Top 10 Science Graphic Organizers (K-12)
Top 20 Literature Graphic Organizers Gallery (K-12)
Story Map Graphic Organizer (1-12)
Triple Venn Diagram (1-8)
More Graphic Organizers

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