Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Joining Forces: Tapping Teacher Specialists to Serve All Students
Adams 50's Steve Sandoval—a 2016 Education Week Leader to Learn From—created an "interventionist framework" out of frustration that his district's talented education specialists were isolated by separate certifications, regulations, and funding streams. The framework helps to "cross-pollinate" teachers of special education, English-language learners, and gifted students, to identify common strategies and target interventions for all students. The approach has helped dramatically raise student achievement in the district during a time of demographic change, and has helped make possible Adams 50's switch from traditional grade levels to a competency-based-leveling system.

Join us for this webinar from our Education Week Leaders To Learn From virtual events series. This annual Leaders To Learn From special report shines a light on forward-thinking district leaders who seize on good ideas and execute them well in their school systems. Throughout 2016, we'll host webinars, live chats, and more virtual events related to this year's Leaders.

Find out more at leaders.edweek.org.

Underwriting for this webinar has been provided by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Steve Sandoval, executive director of special services, Adams County District 50, Westminster, Colo., and member of the Class of 2016 "Leaders To Learn From"
Chad Anderson, principal, Scott Carpenter Middle School, Adams County District 50
Sarah Gould, principal, Hodgkins Elementary School, Adams County District 50
This webinar will be moderated by Sarah D. Sparks, assistant editor, Education Week

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