Thursday, March 31, 2016

Free Webcast

Do Ants Have Teeth? Supporting the Development of the Whole Child Through Meaningful Inquiry.

Join Us for a Free, Live Webcast:
Thursday, April 7 | 1:00PM – 2:00PM ET

Presented by
Kai-leƩ Berke
Chief Executive Officer
Teaching Strategies

Breeyn Mack
Director, Professional Development
Teaching Strategies

When young children are encouraged to build upon their natural curiosity, it gives them the opportunity to become active learners who are capable of deep cognitive engagement with topics relevant to their lives. This is the foundation of project-based investigations, or studies—where children use scientific inquiry skills to actively explore the world around them, developing process skills that are critical to future school success.

Join us on April 7th for a webcast that offers a “deep dive” into the many benefits of studies, examining the ways that children observe and explore, make connections, solve problems, organize information, and communicate and represent their ideas within a classroom community when engaged in a long-term, project-based investigation.

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