Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Assistive Technologies Born from Science Fiction

? Original tablet
I admit it, I am a Trekkie fan ---- and yes, in the article Joel Watson writes about the original Star Trek (my absolute favorite Star Trek - even if some say it is "campy") along with 6 other popular films  that have technology that we are currently using or close to using and yes, the article is being written because Comic-Con is about to open on July 12th, however, it is amazing what he writes about in the article.  So this brings me to a conversation I had this morning with another Library staff member, where is fiction in the standards ---- no that is a topic for another blog entry ---- right now I want you to check out the article at  

I have to admit that I have to agree with the paragraph:  "This is not an exhaustive list of how science fiction brought about assistive technology in ways that could only be dreamed of even a few decades ago. What it does show, however, is a good foundation for how today's imagination can prove to be very beneficial to the disabled of tomorrow."   Uh oh - back to that conversation about fiction...

U3-X from Honda
 Are you intrigued by the picture --- well go read the article see what this is!

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