Friday, July 6, 2012

Reading with a fluffy friend!

Okay, so England allows dogs or "listening canines" in their classrooms ----- check out Wynona the beautiful Alaskan malamute in the picture with two Devon, England eight year-olds, however, they cite research from Tufts University and Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.  Have I caught your attention?  According to the article in the Telegraph (UK), the dogs are trained to have the children read to them and help with behavior issues.  The article is very interesting, check it out -- .  The "listening canines" are trained to focus on a book a child is reading, and children are told they are teaching the dog to read.  According to the trainer, Tracey Berridge, "Teachers find reluctant readers start begging to read to the dogs." 

The dogs also participate in programs at libraries and Sharon Dixon, the supervisor at Barnstaple Library, who is introducting book groups with Tracey's dogs says,  "Children's concentration improves when a dog is there, the fact it won't laugh or criticise if they 're struggling is really important."  I would have liked to have a dog to read too when I had to read aloud ---- the butterflies and sweaty palms would have been not existent!

In addition, check out information on the organization training the dogs at  I love their logo!

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