Tuesday, August 19, 2014

One math webinar - one iPad webinar

From Ablenet:

Suite Fractions - How to Teach and Assess Mastery of Fractions with Classroom Suite
Thursday, August 21

Core Content Connectors, the new standards for students with significant disabilities built on the Common Core, are based on “Graduated Understandings,” ranging from the Concrete to the Representational, that enable students to grasp complex concepts. Understanding fractions is a complex skill that has historically been difficult for students with significant disabilities to grasp, yet fractions are emphasized on state Alternate Assessments. Using weekly cooking activities and transforming them into Classroom Suite’s dynamic, electronic format will provide teachers with an engaging interactive tool to teach this complex skill. Teachers will have step-by-step instructions on how to create a powerful Classroom Suite motivator in learning about fractions and then link the activity to an assessment paralleling the format of the Alternate Assessment.
Linda Laverty, MA ed• Time: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM CDT
• Presenter: Linda Laverty, MA ed.
• Level: Beginner
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 From Education Week and JAMF Software:

Helping Teachers Manage iPads in the Digital Classroom
With the Casper Suite and its free iOS app, Casper Focus, schools have the industry's easiest way to manage every Apple device they use, including iPads. Faculty and students can take advantage of the rich educational ecosystem that only the Apple platform offers. As the makers of the leading management solution for Mac, iPad, and Apple TV, JAMF Software supports the growing number of "Shadow IT" in schools which are focused on improving instruction through a simple and sustainable implementation of technology.
In our webinar, we'll demonstrate how teachers using iPads can perform digital classroom management tasks directly from their own device-without assistance from the IT department. We'll show you how Casper Focus helps you drive student success and a new way of learning.
Dave Saltmarsh, education evangelist, JAMF Software
This webinar will be moderated by Nick Thompson, business development, JAMF Software
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