Monday, August 3, 2015


The Importance Of Customizing Your AAC 
App – What Is Possible And What You 
Should Consider
Wednesday, August 5
There are many hundreds of communication apps 
on the market and identifying the best fit to meet the 
needs of an individual user can be, well – complicated! 
Perhaps what we should consider is how well an app 
can be customized to meet those needs and create that 
perfect fit. This webinar will focus on what considerations 
 to take into account when it comes to customization – 
what age is the user? What is the ability of the user? 
Does the user have a visual impairment? Does the user 
require a switch? We will then demonstrate a range of 
settings within Therapy Box’s own apps that demonstrate 
how AAC apps can be adjusted for a range of requirements.

• Time: 10:00AM to 10:45AM CDT
• Presenter: Rebecca Bright, BSpPath MRCSLT regHPC MASLTIP
• Level: Beginner

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